The idea of a sustainable newspaper is to raise awareness among people who may not have the means to reduce their fashion footprint. Consumers can become aware that they do not need to be fashion criminals. This can be achieved by asking oneself a few questions before making a purchase: Do I need it? If yes, why do I need it? Will it change my perception of myself or boost my self-esteem? Shopping from social enterprises that provide recognition and dignified work to those who need it can also be a sustainable option. By reducing, recycling, and reusing old garments, we can help protect the environment. If we decide that we do not need a particular item, we can spend our money on other things that bring us joy, such as yoga or dance classes, or meals with friends. Sustainable practices involve reusing, reducing, and recycling items, and DIY projects can be attempted with garments that are torn, old, or not in use. The fashion industry is consumer-facing, and if buyers reduce their purchases of new garments, it can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from factories, benefiting the environment.